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Let Hartwell’s Nursery and one of their designers assist you in turning your yard into it’s fullest potential today! Whether you need just a consultation or a full scale design to installation, Hartwell’s Full Service Nursery can accommodate your needs.

Promotional Bargains

Hartwells Nursery proudly grows much of the plant material we stock, and many items are offered at a promotional price. There are normally several varieties of 1 gallon plants—shrubs—and groundcovers that we price at $1.89 and up. This groups usually consists of Asian Jasmine, Monkey grass, Mondo Grass, Boxwood, Lantanna, Wax Ligustrum, Eleagnus, Euonymus Coloratus, Honeysuckle, and a variety of perennials. We also usually stock several colors of crepe Myrtle that are value-priced starting at $9.95 for the 3 Gallon size. Many others items can be discounted for 10 or more of a single kind, just let us know how many you want so we can offer a special price!

Recycle With Us Please

We Recycle!At Hartwells, we have been growing shrubs and plants here in Lewisville since the late 1960’s. When we started our growing farm, plants and shrubs were commonly grown in 1 gallon size tin cans. In our case, we used the cans that held the food used in all the cafeterias in the schools in LISD. Some were labeled spiniach, or carrots, or tomato sauce etc, and when we got them, some had been rinsed-out, some had not—YIKES! What a mess. But with the age of plastics this all changed. In fact we had been asking our customers to return for use the plactic cans long before any of us had even heard the term ‘recycle’. So—— we hate for anything of use to go to a landfill, especially if the item can be reused in it’s present form. If its still in usable condition as a nursery container we ask PLEASE RECYCLE WITH US. Even is our nursery is closed; Just pitch recycle nursery containers over our fence. We will happily gather them up.

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“We’ve been faithful customers of Hartwell’s Nursery for many years. They always have the best varieties of plants and we always find what we want. And their landscape designers are second to none. We have the best looking yard in our neighborhood!”Michael and Lori M. - Flower Mound, TX